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Plus Size Wedding Dress Shopping

Plus Size Wedding Dress Shopping

Shopping....any kind of shopping fills me with dread. When I was getting married 14 years ago, there wasn't the range of shops and dresses there are today. Eventually, I drummed up the courage to go wedding dress shopping, but I was so nervous. I didn't make an appointment, because I didn't realise that you needed to make an appointment to try on wedding dresses. Back then there was no social media and there was very limited information online... haha I couldn't remember if there was the world wide web back then! So we turned up, had no idea of how things operated in bridal and were told we needed an appointment. We made our way home feeling very disappointed. So today, things are very different and as the leading wedding dress shop in South Wales, with brides travelling from Newport, Cardiff, Swansea, Bristol, Hereford and beyond, We have the largest dedicated collection of plus size wedding dresses in Wales. 

Here is our guide to shopping for your plus size wedding dress.

One question we are frequently asked is, will you have dresses to fit me? Good news ladies, we have gorgeous wedding dresses in sizes 18 - 30 for you to try on and selected wedding dresses can be made to size 40.

1. Book Your Wedding Dress Shopping Appointment

We fully understand that you want to bring your nearest and dearest with you to pick the wedding dress of your dreams. Coordinating a group of people is never easy, so why not start a Whatsapp chat group, this could be a great part of your wedding dress journey and handy to look back on conversations. Suggest some dates and fingers crossed you can all do the same day.

Once you have a date in mind, Book an Appointment online and secure your appointment. Once your appointment is safely booked into our diary, you will instantly receive an email confirming your wedding dress shopping appointment, then you will receive an email reminder a day or two before the day. When booking a wedding dress appointment with us, we will ensure that you have the exclusive use of a private suite for the duration of your one and half hour appointment.

2. Research

Social media and our website are great places to find inspiration. Browse our Plus Wedding Dress page so you can screenshot your favourite dresses to show your stylist at your bridal appointment or send us pictures via social media, we love to see what has caught your eye. Pinterest is brilliant for keeping all your pictures and ideas on a mood board.

3. Keep An Open Mind

Our stylists have a combined 57 years of experience dressing brides, they will listen to you and may suggest a dress or two that combine all the elements you have suggested. They are so good at what they do and very supportive too! So, please keep an open mind and give those wild cards a try. You may have bypassed a dress initially, but that wedding dress could end up being the 'one'.

4. The Day of Your Appointment

If you are anything like me and you are feeling nervous, please don't be. I know it is easy for me to say. You will be welcomed into the boutique by your stylist, our girls are so down to earth, they will make you feel instantly at home and part of the All About Eve family. You will be trying on wedding dresses in your own private space, so you will not need to worry about strangers seeing you in your dress.

A little tip: please wear a strapless bra or a bra similar to what you plan to wear on the day, nude coloured underwear, which works really well under a wedding dress. Also, bring a pair of shoes with a similar height heel you plan to wear on the day. And breathe, we will take care of you and we will make you look and feel amazing!

5. The Wedding Dress Shopping Appointment

So you have settled into your gorgeous private suite, you have a glass of fizz in hand, we cannot wait to hear all about your wedding. We would love to know all about your partner, where you plan on getting married, your wedding theme, colour schemes if you have planned that far ahead. Then we would love to hear your vision of what you imagine yourself wearing on the day. Combined with the pictures that you sent us previously, your stylist will start to pull your wedding dresses for you to try. And now onto the exciting bit, your first dress...

6. Trying on Wedding Dresses

One question we are frequently asked is will you have dresses to fit me? Good news ladies, we have gorgeous wedding dresses in sizes 18 - 30 for you to try on and selected dresses can be made to size 40. Should a dress not be the exact size for you, we can make that dress look like it fits you by clamping, pinning or adding a panel if needed.

We will have hoops for you to try on with your dresses, these make the dress more comfortable to walk in, it can also make the dress much cooler and they really enhance the shape of the skirt of the dress too. There is a changing area within the private suite, with curtains around you so you change with complete privacy.

7. The Reveal

So, you have your first dress on, your family and friends have been waiting patiently on our comfy sofa's. Now we throw back the curtains, when you are ready for the reveal, looking absolutely amazing! Any nerves that you may have felt, are slowly drifting away. There are tears of joy and lots of hugs at this point. Please take lots of pictures as a memento of your journey and tag us into your pictures that you wish to share on social media because we love to be part of your special journey.

8. The 'One'

You may need to try a number of wedding dresses before you fall in love with the 'one'. But, when you find the 'one' and have that moment, there is no better feeling. CONGRATULATIONS!

When you are ready to order your wedding dress, please bear in mind that a wedding dress can take anywhere from 6-10 months to be made, sometimes this can be much quicker, but best to be cautious and allow the optimum time for your dress to be made. Most wedding dresses will require some kind of alteration, so please allow 6-8 weeks before your wedding for your adjustments to be made. The approximate cost of alterations can vary depending on the amount of alterations you need, but as a guide allow £250 - £300 for general alterations. Please be aware that this may vary if you require more in-depth work. Our wedding dresses are not made to measure, so we will take your measurements, then we can chat through your sizing which is all done very discreetly and we never call a number out, we just point at the number to determine the size to order. All we require at this point is a 50% deposit to order your wedding dress and then no more until your gorgeous gown arrives in the store.

You have found your wedding dress! Congratulations, how exciting! Don't forget to book your styling appointment, a dedicated appointment where you can find the perfect tiara and veil to complete your wedding day look.

Now you can relax knowing you have chosen your perfect wedding dress and can now enjoy the rest of your wedding plans. Before you go, pop into our selfie room and make sure you capture this very special moment with your loved ones, don't forget to tag us into any special moments. x

Love the girls at All About Eve xxx

All About Eve Bridal have been voted the 'Best Wedding Dress shop in Newport & Cardiff for the past 9 years and voted 'Best Bridal Boutique in Wales' for the past 8 years.